[:es]Patrimonio Cultural en la ruta Muros, Vila de Auga e Sal.[:en]Cultural heritage in the Muros town of water and salt tour[:gl]Patrimonio Cultural na ruta Muros, Vila de Auga e Sal.[:]


Rua de Axesta (Axesta Lane)

The town’s growth.

Rua de Axesta (Axesta Lane)


Rua de Axesta (Axesta Lane)


Continue your tour along the Rua Real (Royal Lane)

There is mention of the street and neighborhood of Axesta from the 18th century, when the authorities encouraged house-building in the area. It was thus one of the growth areas of the city in modern times. Here was located the Justice Scroll, the column that symbolized Muros’s jurisdiction, extending to nearby municipalities. Convicts were tied to it for public ridicule.
The Rua de Axesta and its continuation the Rua Real (Royal Lane) form an axis, parallel to the waterfront, running through the higher part of old Muros. With stone buildings either side, it transports us to olden times.