[:es]Patrimonio Cultural en la ruta Muros, Vila de Auga e Sal.[:en]Cultural heritage in the Muros town of water and salt tour[:gl]Patrimonio Cultural na ruta Muros, Vila de Auga e Sal.[:]


‘Cruceiros’ (carved stone crosses)

Marking the territory.

The role of the ‘cruceiros’ was to sanctify everyday spaces, in town centres, on paths, or in more remote locations. They have been common since the Gothic period and usually represent the Christ crucified on the front, the side facing towards the main path, and the Virgin Mary or a saint on the back.

‘Cruceiros’ and other crosses in the parish of Muros:

Cruceiro del Cementerio (Cemetery cross).
Cruceiro de Santa Rosa (St Rose).
Cruz de O Rumial.
Cruceiro de la Virgen del Camino (the Virgin of the Way).
Cruceiro de la Capilla de Santa Cruz (Chapel of St Cross).
Cruceiro de la Capilla de la Nieves (Chapel of the Snows).
Cruceiro de la Plaza del Cristo (Christ Square).
Cruceiro de Santa Isabel.