[:es]Patrimonio Cultural en la ruta Muros, Vila de Auga e Sal.[:en]Cultural heritage in the Muros town of water and salt tour[:gl]Patrimonio Cultural na ruta Muros, Vila de Auga e Sal.[:]


San Pedro

Visitor center. Old parish chuch

San Pedro


Rúa do Hospital (Hospital Lane)


The Visitors centre of Muros, Town of Water and Salt

This site, now deconsecrated, is Muros’s oldest recorded parish church. The chapel, which the visitor center now occupies, is what remains of the old church of San Pedro de Muros.Some reports suggest that the parish of San Pedro de Muros existed in the 10th century.
In 1500, Pope Alexander VI granted it the status of Collegiate church, which would later pass to the church of Santa Maria del Campo (Saint Mary in the Field).

To note:

– Inscriptions on the outside wall. They usually refer to individuals who participated in the construction of the chapel.
– Corbels, under the cornice. Very typical of the Romanesque style, they include three human heads and various geometric motifs.
– Ornaments on the facades, with a very worn lamb (Agnus Dei) on the western side and a cross on the eastern.
– Inscriptions inside, corresponding to tombstones.
– Baptismal font in the former vestry. Inside you can still read the inscription ‘JESUS-FILIUS PATER CUR SPRITU SANTO. SIGLO XV’.
– Vaulting in both spaces, the former chapel and the sacristy. They are ribbed vaults, supported by decorated capitals.
– Remains of the old nave, now a cemetery. Part of one of the walls can still be seen, with small chapel- tombs.