[:es]Patrimonio Cultural en la ruta Muros, Vila de Auga e Sal.[:en]Cultural heritage in the Muros town of water and salt tour[:gl]Patrimonio Cultural na ruta Muros, Vila de Auga e Sal.[:]


Chapel of the Carmen and neighbourhood

Mariners’ devotion

Chapel of the Carmen and neighbourhood


Rua do Carme (Carmen Lane) and nearby streets


Merits a special visit during the Carmen celebrations, around the 16th of July.

This chapel is a private endowment, built in 1767 at the expense of Jeronimo Duran, from Muros but resident in Chile, at that time a part of the Viceroyalty of the River Plate. It represents the end of the Galician Baroque period, by then coexisting with neoclassicism. On the facade, framed by a pair of pilasters, the portico and coat of arms stand out. Inside, note the sculptural altar setting, presided over by the Virgin of the Carmen (Mt Carmelo in Israel).
Nearby has stood since medieval times the Old Tower or Tower of the Archbishopric, which symbolized the dominion of the Compostela mitre over the town of Muros.